Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

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You Might Get Lucky


Robert Cole "aka" Lucky was orphaned at the tender age of 14. Lucky was adopted by a loving couple; James, a police officer, and his wife, Dianne, a school teacher. They are also the  biological parents of identical twins, Wayne and Dewayne.


Wayne is a mama's boy, while Dewayne has a dark, sinister side. Dewayne used his enormous size and violent threats to intimidate Lucky. One evening, Dewayne violated Lucky in the worst way imaginable.


Lucky suppressed the incident and moved on with his life becoming a successful businessman, marrying a beautiful wife, and having a daughter. Lucky has money in the bank, drives expensive cars, wears designer clothes, and lives in a $1.5 million dollar home.

Everything is going well in Lucky's life until a Sunday morning church sermon  opens old wounds from his past...

Suddenly, haunted by events from his past, the course of Lucky's life takes a drastic turn. Lucky is about to get revenge for what happened to him, at the hands of his brother. On the way, a few other men just might get Lucky... and his revenge, as well.

There is an abundance of drama, suspense, sexual situations, and an unexpected explosive ending.

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