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Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Read Me my life is an open book.


Gayle "Delicious" Johnson is the fifth of eight children born to the late Mr. Charles Johnson Sr. and the late Jean E. Johnson. A native Washingtonian she once resided in Capitol Heights, Maryland in Prince Georges County, from 2001, but temporarily move back to Washington D.C. in 2015. As of April,2016, she is now a resident of Fayetteville N.C. She is the proud parent of two adult children and a doting grandmother of four and four great grandsons, and a great-grand daughter . Reading, writing and recording newsworthy events has always been a daily pastime for Gayle. Her interest in creative writing was piqued at the age of fourteen while attending a boarding school where she created her first short story. Encouraged by her peers Gayle, was motivated to continue writing. While expanding her writing talents to include poetry and erotic short stories. After a series of personal tragedies Gayle, pursued her dream of publishing a book In 2006. After leaving a twenty plus year career in the medical field, Ms. Johnson wrote her first masterpiece. A mind grabbing, heart-wrenching fictional story that takes you back to the day where "What's Past Is Not Forgotten"

Journey back into time to the Knox's Hill Projects in S.E. Washington D.C. where you will laugh, cry and share in the bitterness of the harsh, emotional teen angst that's revisited when adults meet in "What's Past Is Not Forgotten"

What's Past Is Not Forgotten

Gayle's second book "You Might Get Lucky" is a story tracking a well guarded crime of "Male on Male Rape" and the thought process men go through while dealing with the anger, embarrassment, pain and resentment of being a victim. Robert Cole aka Lucky is haunted by the demons of his past as he goes on a revengeful quest to find his adoptive brother that violating him in his youth. There is an abundance of drama, suspense, sexual situations and an unexpected explosive ending.

You Might Get Lucky

Gayle's third book "A Book Of Delicious Erotic Short Stories" is filled with tantalizing, hot, juicy erotic short stories sprinkled with poetry. Two phenomenal contributors are Miriam Jacobs and Lamont Carey. Here's a peek at some of the sizzling titles.

1. Whore

2. Cougarlicious

4. The Exhibitionist

5. She's Cumming Down the Highway

6. The Library

7. The Last Boat Ride

8. All In The Family

9. The Basement

10.The Wrong Number

A Book Of Delicious Erotic Short Stories

Gayle's fourth book is "What's Past Is Not Forgotten, The Reunion." This story continues with sex, lies, lust and betrayals. One character BigRed, is the one every one loves to hate. BigRed was murdered and Joi is the main suspect. Leaving everyone to wonder whether she snapped and killed BigRed. Find out what has been going on in the lives of the Knox Hill crew. You will laugh, cry and share in the celebration as an invited guest to the reunion.

What's Past is not Forgotten, The Reunion

Gayle's fifth book "Back 2 Zero" is her first book published work under Jay Jay Publishing Company. It's a passionate story written from Gayle's soul where she left no stone unturned. It's fast paced, action packed and a suspenseful story that captivates the readers from the beginning to the end. This story is fictional, but abuse and domestic violence is real. This story resonates close to Gayle's heart because she too is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Gayle's motto is "Abuse Is Never An Option" Order your autographed copy of Back 2 Zero here from her personal web store on this site.

Back 2 Zero

                                    Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Postal Address

Fayetteville, N.C.



[email protected]

[email protected]

You can also hear Ms. Gayle Saint Francis Johnson, on her popular internet radio show titled "Delicious Talk Radio" Via BlogTalk Radio. EST.

Gayle has added a segment to her Delicious Talk Radio show titled "If Life Gives You Lemons Make A Martini." It air's Monday & Saturdays @ 7:30pm. Date and time subject to change without notice. The url to the show is the call in number is 646-652-2877

These shows are for the mature listening audience 18+.

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